Saturday, February 13, 2010

"Paula Graves is a master at intrigue."

You know I love to hear stuff like that!

"Paula Graves is a master at intrigue. The twists she brings into this story almost make your heart stop...An excellent second book for the Cooper Justice series..."

And speaking of the Pink Heart Society, I'm guest blogging there today, so please come by and give me a little comment love if you get the chance. I'd appreciate it. I'm not sure how early the post will be up at the moment; I'll put up an update here when it's up.
The blog post is up at Pink Heart Society. (It was already up when I posted this earlier this morning, but I forgot to update and let y'all know).


Jemi Fraser said...

Awesome! You've been getting so many great reviews - congratulations :)

Paula said...

Thanks, Jemi. I'm really pleased with how well these two books are doing so far. Based on Nielsen's Bookscan, my sales on the January book are way up compared to my two previous books that made Bookscan's Romance top 100 books--something like 60% to 70% over where each of the previous books were by their second or third weeks on the bookshelves. I made the list two weeks this time, too, at 51 and 78, which is way higher than the previous books ever ranked.

Crossing my fingers that Chickasaw County Captive has equally good numbers or better, and that the higher rankings translate to a good royalty statement in November. :)

Kea said...

Congratulations on the review! Of course, now that I'm about to start reading the book this weekend (I hope!), I will have super-high expectations. LOL.