Sunday, February 21, 2010

More cats? Why, sure!

I've shown you copious pictures of our kittens, but we actually have three other cats. (Yes, I am the crazy cat lady). It's not as bad as it sounds; two of them live out in the sunroom, by preference, and go in and out pretty much at will through a window we leave cracked open for them. And the other one is older and sedentary, so she's pretty mellow and low maintenance.

So, here are the other three felines in the Graves household.

This is Sabrina. Or Tatertot. Or TayTay. (Our cats tend to get multiple names). She's my sister's cat, a fat and temperamental calico.

This is Tabitha, aka Tassa, aka Big Fluff (which is my name for her). She's a Persian mix calico, the older, more sedentary cat I mentioned.

And finally, here's my Sophie (aka Sophia or Little Fluff), the long-haired tortoiseshell.

She was a feral kitten I found, brought home and tamed. She had two brothers, Oscar and Toby. Oscar we had to have euthanized when he got very sick and was diagnosed with feline leukemia. Since the vet was pretty sure, at his young age, he must have gotten it from his mother, we were terrified the other two kittens would be positive for the disease as well, but they both tested clean.

A few years later, Toby disappeared, and since he liked to explore the woods across the street from our house, and we later learned coyotes roam those woods, we sort of figure the worst happened. Sophie wasn't quite as much of a wanderer as her brother and she's still kicking.

In the photo below, she's terribly annoyed because out of frame, the kittens are playing on the shelf below where she sits.

And I included a second picture because it's a better view of her pretty green eyes.

So, there you go. My other cats. Pretty bunch, aren't they?


Kea said...

They're all gorgeous, Paula! Oh, I do have a weakness for long-haired calicoes, I must admit. Thanks for sharing those!

P.S. There's no way you can be the crazy cat lady...We (meaning me as personal assistant/slave to the cats) have just participated in the first Cat-O-Lypmics via the Cat Blogosphere blogs. Medals tomorrow! LOL. So I've crossed some sort of line of sanity....Put your mind at ease, until you spend most of your days blogging about them and entering them in competitions, you're still okay. I think. :-D

MJFredrick said...

I have five cats, too. I didn't mean to get the last one, but she was unfixed, had just had a litter, and the plan was to get her from school (her kittens were born in the boiler room), get her fixed and give her away. Well, she's still with us.

All are fixed, all are rescues but one, and her mother was a rescue. Five is a lot, though, just in terms of cat hair!

Paula said...

All of mine are rescues but one, also. Big Fluff (Tabitha, the long-haired calico) was the runt of a litter a friend of my sister's show cat had, and they gave the kitten to my sister since she wasn't going to be any monetary good to them. She's not a runt anymore--she weighs about 15 pounds and is huuuuuge. The dogs, which are all big dogs, are terrified of her.

Paula said...

Okay, did I murder the English language in that last response or what? I meant to say, my sister's friend's showcat had a litter. Not a friend of my sister's showcat. LOL