Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Author quotes

If you're published, did you try to get author quotes for your books? If you're not published, do you have authors lined up for quotes about your books when you finally publish?

I think those quotes DO impress people, especially if they're from big name authors like Linda Howard or Julie Garwood or La Nora. But the very idea of asking a big name author to read my book and offer a quote (even though I actually know Linda Howard and Gayle Wilson) gives me the shakes. I'm such a wuss about that kind of thing. I don't want to impose on the very busy authors I know, and I'm extremely shy. (Stop laughing).

I'm never going to get anywhere in this business. ::sigh::

So, how do writers handle getting author quotes? Does having an agent help (because he/she might have other clients she can ask for quotes)? Or are you completely on your own?


Jen said...

Not published so I don't know. Have you asked Linda Howard how that works? Maybe if you ask her that, you'll feel more comfortable asking her to read and comment. I know what you mean though. I would be tremendously nervous to do that.
I hope you do it, though.

Tracy Montoya said...

Paula, I've always been told to have your agent or editor ask for you, so the big name author doesn't feel rudely pressured and can politely turn you down if s/he doesn't want to give you a quote. I've never asked for one--Patti Berg offered to do one for my Intrigue, because we're friends and she's lovely. But I asked her if I could get her to save it for when I have a book out that's on the shelves for longer than a month!