Thursday, May 04, 2006

It's HERE!

I'm holding my book in my hot little hands (well, not this second--I'm typing with my hot little hands at the moment). It's so purrrrrty!

I ordered it from eHarlequin and had it sent rush because my author's copies haven't arrived yet, and I wanted to have a book to put in my basket for Saturday's Heart of Dixie Readers Luncheon. I ordered three copies so I'd have one for me and one to send to a reviewer who's requested it. They arrived this afternoon.


It's so strange to see my words and my characters on a printed page. So very strange.

And lovely.


Jen said...

How'd you do that? I ordered mine and they aren't coming until June! How exciting!!!!
I was just showing my best friend, Michelle, your "movie". She thinks you rock too.
I'm so excited for you!

Paula said...

I ordered mine from The June books go up for sale in May--you just have to click on the June link on the main Intrigue shopping page.

It's so purrrty!

Jen said...

That's so cool, Paula. I got Tracy's newest "House Of Secrets". Thanks for sending me her way (by plugging her contest). She's been great to follow and I love her blog. BTW, her "5 reasons to read Tracy's books" is hilarious.

MaryF said...

OH, WOW!!!!

I can't wait till I'm holding it, too.

Tracy Montoya said...

COOL, Paula! I was thinking about ordering Ann Voss Peterson's June Intrigue (I'm a big fan) from eHarlequin, so maybe I'll go ahead and do it and then add yours. I'm looking forward to it!

BTW, did you design your own website? It's fab!

Paula said...

Thanks, Mary. I know I'm going to be holding your first book someday, too--probably sooner than you think.

Tracy, I love Ann's writing, too! And yes, I did design my own site. I'm glad you like it!