Friday, May 19, 2006

Today on Romance Magicians...

Over on Romance Magicians, I write about writing to word count for category-length books, just as I promised earlier.

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Jen said...

Saw on HQ that work has been a nightmare. I hope you're doing OK. Are you totally excited about your book release?
Not to mention acceptance of the second (and more difficult to get pubb from what I hear).
You're awesome and I hope work gets better for you.

Paula said...


Work is crazy because we're working toward back to school advertising. (And yes, I know that some schools haven't even let out yet--such is the advertising business. Christmas comes in September in my business, which probably explains why I'm such a Grinch in December).

I'm very excited about my book release! I can't wait until more people have the chance to read it and let me know what they think. Well, I look forward to hearing from the ones who liked it, anyway! ::grin::

BTW, the second book hasn't been accepted yet. So far my editor isn't buying on proposals from me yet. I hope that will start happening soon. Maybe with book three, which I'm about to start.

I'm hoping she'll buy book two. I think it's a pretty strong manuscript.