Friday, May 26, 2006

In need of good news

I just read Mary's blog entry about being surrounded by negativity, and it occurs to me that we could all use a little good news about now. I've recently received some sad family news (an elderly aunt died, and another aunt has had a bad stroke). I'm stressed out at work (from the work itself, not office politics or anything like that, thank goodness). Some of my friends are struggling with the interminable wait and inevitable ups and downs of trying to get published.

So, let's look for a little positivity.

Here are a few good things that have happened to me recently:

1) It's May 25th and not only are all my May bills paid, but about 40% of my June bills are also paid.

2) I got my first fan e-mails this week.

3) My friend Linda sold her first book.

4) I've worked out the plot for Iris's book, mostly.

5) Taylor Hicks won American Idol. (Three Birmingham guys in the top two in three different seasons--and two of them won! Move over, Music City and Motown...)

So, come on! Add to the list!


Jen said...

1. My hubby has made enough money to catch us up from the financial bind we've been in.
2. We're buying the boys bikes
3. I've gotten a nibble from an agent.
4. I've met some fabulous people through Romance Divas and HQ.
5. I'm making huge progress on my writing.
Great topic. After yesterday's blogs (Tracy's and then mine) I think some positive energy is a great idea.

MaryF said...

1. Finished my synopsis.

2. Got three parent conferences out of the way - only two to go.

3. It was a great week in TV. (SOUL PATROL!)

4. I work in a great place.

5. It's beautiful weather.

6. It's almost summer vacation.

Paula said...

After my day at work yesteday, I'd like to add another to my list:

6. It's a long weekend!!!!!