Sunday, May 21, 2006

"That'n makes me cry..."

My brother called this afternoon to let me know he'd finished my book. He said he loved it, and I know he's telling the truth, because my brother isn't the sort to lie to make me feel better. Brutal honesty is his M.O. So I'm very pleased to get his approbation.

He also said it made him cry a couple of times, which is possibly the highest compliment, since he's not all that touchy and feely. But he is a father with two young daughters he loves to distraction, so I can see why FORBIDDEN TERRITORY would make him misty. It starts with a child abduction, after all, and only gets more complicated from there. Lots of father/daughter issues to push his buttons.

I've started plotting book three of what I'm calling The Sisters series. Sister number three, Iris, has a strange gift—she's able to feel the pain of others, both physical and emotional, and with her touch she's able to take it into herself, relieving others of some of their pain. Of course, this leaves her with debilitating pain of her own, which affects how she lives her life and limits what she sees for her own future. So her story will force her outside the carefully crafted comfort zone she's created for herself to limit the pain. It will bring her into contact with a man chock full of emotional pain, a man whose honor and dry humor attract her even as his agonizing guilt and regrets repel her. And until he conquers those demons, he will never be able to love Iris the way she deserves to be loved.

Plus there's a tropical island, a convention of psychics, a crazy Russian researcher, a mysterious CIA agent and a terrorist cell. Sounds fun, doesn't it? :)

P.S. Who can tell me what the title of this post refers to?


Jen said...

I'm so glad your brother liked it. Your third one sounds awesome. I have no idea what the name of your post refers to. Any hints? (book, movie, TV?)

Paula said...

It's from an old TV show, Jen. It may be waaay before your time, though it's constantly in reruns, at least down here in the South.

MaryF said...

Aww, your brother sounds great!

No idea on the quote...