Tuesday, May 09, 2006


So, my author's copies finally arrived. I'd like to do a contest for next week to give away an autographed copy or two, but I'm vacillating over how to run it. I want to do something fun, something besides "Go read my excerpt and answer a question." But I have no ideas.

So, what kind of authors' contests do you like? Do you ever bother to enter them? How can I make this one fun?


Jen said...

I have to say, I loved the one Tracy did, but there is another one.
You could send people to different blogs and get info and first one to get all the info....
Like a treasure hunt. Send 'em to your favorites. Ask them questions about your "movie".
"What artist does the song on Paula's movie?" "How does it start?" "What is one of the five things listed on Tracy Montoya's Website?" "What is Jenna Burke-Baley reading?" etc.
That might be fun. Since I ordered your book, I don't have to worry. I might send it to you for your John Hancock though.

Jen said...

Oh one more thing. Maybe announce the contest on HQ and Romance Divas (or I can).