Monday, May 01, 2006

Interesting Article About the Romance Industry

In yesterday's WASHINGTON POST, writer Sara Fitzgerald looks at Romance, Writ Large, covering a variety of romance genres and publishing houses in this serious, straightforward look at what romance literature has become in the 21st century. There are some interesting insights from authors about their own genres, including a thought-provoking quote from Kimani Press-Arabesque author Michelle Monkou:

Monkou notes that in the African American sub-genre, "street fiction is the big thing, ghetto lit, urban lit . . . cautionary tales using gritty real-life examples. So instead of the hero being middle-income or a CEO, maybe the hero is an ex-drug dealer who is now trying to turn his life around and the street is calling him. It's definitely not the type of story that would have fit in the romance guidelines of yesteryear. These books are flying off the shelves with fairly young ages, which is kind of scary."

As they say, read the whole thing.


Jen said...

Wow! Who did your movie and new website? It totally rocks! I love the trailer. The music is PERFECT. I wanna be you when I grow up and get published.
Can't wait to get your book. It's ordered and on it's way. I'll review it on my blog too.

Paula said...

I did my own website and trailer, actually. I'm a graphic designer by day, so the website stuff was a piece of cake.

I got in the mood to try creating the trailer over the weekend, after I saw a trailer on another writer's site. I had checked into the cost of Macromedia Flash but it was prohibitive (around $900 if I'm not mistaken), so I looked around and found a program that can make flash movies. Not only does it cost less but it had a free trial download so you can see if it works for you.

I put together the movie using a doctored photo of my niece (I changed her brown eyes to blue and her brown hair to red, plus did some other things to the photo to render her basically unrecognizable). The text was easy--just picked a creepy looking font and played around with the effects that came with the software. The music is the beginning of Enya's Pax Diorum.

If my editor buys book two, I'll do one for it, too. It's too much fun!

Jen said...

Man, I'm coming to you when I get published. You've got so much talent! I saw a similiar trailer on Allison Brennan's site, but I love the Enya on yours. It's just plain fabulous.
I have a lot of Enya and it never occured to me how creepy Pax Diorum could be until now. Great job.