Saturday, May 27, 2006

Blatant Blegging

FORBIDDEN TERRITORY has been available from since the first of May. Some of you reading this blog may have even read it. If you liked it (or loved it), please take a minute to drop by or and leave a rating for the book. At Amazon, feel free to leave a comment as well (if you can find a place to comment, that is. Comments may not be available until the book actually goes on sale from Amazon).

I don't know that good reviews really help that much with sales, but I know I pay attention to ratings when I'm shopping for books.

Also, if you liked it or loved it, please tell a romance-reading fan about it. Reader recommendations are the best marketing there is.

And if you haven't purchased a copy yet—why the heck not? :)


Jen said...

I'm waiting for my copy from Amazon. I should be getting it in the next week or so.
Do you get to know how sales are going? Or is that a closely guarded secret?

Paula said...

I will find out about my sales in November, I think---I should be getting my first royalty statement then. H/S doesn't tell you things like print run, sales, etc. I'm not entirely sure why.

MaryF said...

It's on its way!!!