Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Last Minute Christmas Shopping

I have to admit, all my Christmas shopping is done. You can hate me now. I had a royalty check come in November, so I decided to do my shopping while that money was still around. Also, I shop online (because I hate shopping in malls and stores), so it was easy to shop at my convenience without the halls of crowds. Plus, you have a lot more options and the discounts can be amazing.

But if you're not like me, and you're still looking for gifts for the romance readers on your list, I have to recommend eHarlequin. Even if you're not buying one of my books, I still recommend it. I shop online with eHarlequin all the time, and not for ebooks, although those are available, too.

Need some good reasons?

1) I'll get it over with up front: if you click on the book cover links you see at the right on my blog (not the Amazon.com ones but the others), you not only get my books at eHarlequin's low prices, but I earn a little commission on the sales. So please, if you're thinking about buying my books online, buy them either through this blog or my home page to help me out. Also, the ebooks link and the "free shipping" text link right below it (farther down the right hand side bar) are also what are called affiliate links. So if you want to shop at eHarlequin and help a poor writer out, you can click through and purchase through those links and I'll get commission.

2) Now that the icky business part is out of the way, did I mention that eHarlequin offers lower prices than most retailers or online bookstores? They do. Prices are usualy around 50¢ to a dollar less than anywhere else, outside of used books. (And used books earn the author exactly zip, so if you can buy new, please buy new and help an author out). Plus, Harlequin has cool promotional authors, such as the free shipping I mentioned (link to the right) and other deals, like slashed prices on select books and Free Books on Fridays.

3) If you buy from eHarlequin, you know you're buying new, and that the authors whose works you love so much are getting paid for giving you so much enjoyment. (Okay, this post is starting to sound a little money-grubbing, isn't it?)

4) If you shop at eHarlequin, you might also hang around to read all the cool forums and blogs available on eHarlequin. Make some friends among a bunch of avid readers and friendly, helpful writers who hang out there as well.

5) eHarlequin offers a huge variety of books for sale, including eBooks, which means that almost anyone you know can find something to love there. Mira offers thrillers and women's fiction as well as romantic suspense, historicals and contemporary romance. You can find fantasy/science fiction/speculative fiction from Luna and both of the single title imprints (HQN and Mira). You can find all the great series romance people love. You can also find sexy paranormals and sexy romances and wonderful inspirational romances, romantic suspense and historicals.

So, if you're looking for just the right thing for a reader on your gift list, you could do a whole lot worse than shopping at eHarlequin.

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EllenToo said...

I buy 99% of Harlequin's books from the Harlequin site. Every once in a while I will have to buy books from a UBS because they are so old that they are not available any where else.