Thursday, December 23, 2010

Yesterday's Winners

Thanks to everyone who commented on your Santa disillusionment moment! The winners of the prizes are: Sherry, Caroline Bell and Sue!

Ladies, please email me (my email is listed in my Blogger profile) with your preference of prizes. If you choose the autographed book, I'll need your snail mail addy.

What's my Christmasy blog message for today? Well, today, I'll attend my office Christmas party, which at the ad agency I work for consists of bringing in lunch, chatting about something besides print deadlines and media buys, and going home right after lunch. Yay! No chance for anyone to get naked and make YouTube history, thank goodness.

Then, I may go with my mom to do some last minute Christmas shopping, or I may be a good girl and buckle down on trying to finish the book I'm writing at the moment, which is due Jan 15th. Fortunately, I'm only about a chapter and a half from the end of the story, so I'm hopeful that I can finish by Christmas Eve and not have to work on Christmas at all. I'm hoping to also sneak in a little aunt time with my nieces and some serious cat cuddling.

So, what do the rest of y'all have planned for the next few days?


Alee said...

Todays' plans include driving my teenager to the mall so he can pick up a gift for his favorite aunt, which is hilarious since this is the first year he's doing this. Cleaning, cooking and baking and to be honest I have NO Christmas ambition to do any of this this year. grrrr...anyone have any christmas spirit they can spare?

Anonymous said...

Yeahhh, I'm a winner. I've got to wrap presents today and get some baking done. I'm hoping to sneak off tonight to see the Harry Potter movie before it leaves town. :)