Thursday, December 16, 2010


Driving to work today, I convinced myself that Santapalooza was supposed to run 12 days before Christmas. Was freaking out, calling myself all sorts of names that added up to "Blogger-slacker." But just checked the post about it, and Santapalooza doesn't start until Monday. Whew! Crisis averted.

But since I've started a blog post, might as well keep going. So here's a little this and that...

Item One: My Blogging Schedule

I'll be blogging at the Intrigue Authors blog tomorrow, and I have no idea what I'm going to blog about. I haven't done a cat update in a while---maybe I'll cat blog, if I can get the cats to settle down tonight and let me take some decent photos. But really, I wouldn't depend on that. The last time I tried to take photos of the cats, they call came out looking like this:

I'll also be blogging at Romance Magicians on December 28th, if you're out of your Christmas food coma by then. And I'll be giving away books. Maybe even more books than just my own. You never know--you'll have to drop by and find out.

Item Two: My Writing

Just heard from my editor that she's turned in my edits for Cooper Vengeance, the final book in the Cooper Justice series, which will be on sale in June 2011. So except for the final galley edits (what we call Author Alterations at Harlequin), the Cooper Justice series is officially done.

Well, sort of. Have I yet mentioned that my next book proposal is for a Cooper Justice sequel, featuring cousins of the original Gossamer Ridge family? I'm pitching the series as Cooper Justice: Cooper Security. Yeah, a little wordy, but I think it works. The three brothers and three sisters all work for Cooper Security, an investigation and security firm run by the eldest of the Cooper cousins, Jesse.

The details aren't firmed up--after all, I haven't even pitched it yet--but I'm hoping to have more information soon after the first of the year.

Item Three: Santapalooza

You may have noticed that I'm a bit scattered and ditzy this month. It's the combination of trying to finish a book due 1/15/11, trying to get my edits done on two of the three books coming out in the spring of 2011, trying to invent and write a proposal for new books for 2012, and trying to get a 28-page catalog designed and composed at my day job, which is due this week, and not all of the outside vendor pages have come in yet. Eeek!

And that doesn't even factor in Christmas activities.

So I could use a little help from y'all--and all it requires is a little thought. Just answer this question: For Santapalooza, I would like to see Paula write about ________________.

I mean, I've done the favorite Christmas carols thing (although I wouldn't mind doing it again, because I'm opinionated and love to tell you what I think is good or not). I've done the Christmas traditions thing. I've done blogs on my favorite Christmas movies, like A Christmas Story, which I love beyond all sanity.

So this year, I'd like to know what y'all are interested in discussing. Think of it as an interactive blog experience. Or something like that.

And the first two people to post an answer in the comments get a $10 eGiftcard from the online bookstore of your choice.


Kea said...

Most memorable gift -- good or bad. :-)

Or more generally, most memorable Christmas Day, again, good or bad. LOL.

Or have you done this already? If so, do ignore it!

Linda Henderson said...

Books you are looking forward to reading in 2011.

seriousreader at live dot com

Marianne Arkins said...

YAY! More Coopers!!! Have I mentione how much I love your Cooper series?

Best gift ever and why. Most memorable Christmas gift and why. Favorite Christmas ornament, why and a picture.


Paula said...

Congratulations to Kea and Linda for winning the gift certificates I think I already have both of your email addresses, unless they've changed in the last year or so. Kea, you being from Canada, do I need to do something special to give you the gift card?

Kea said...

Hi Paula! Sorry the delay in responding.

Hmm, if eHarlequin has gift certs, I'd be happy to have one! Or But if not, then please pass it on to the next person who posted, no worries.

Happy holidays to you all!

Oh, and yes, my email is the same, though I can't remember which one you have. LOL.

Linda Henderson said...

Thank you so much. I don't know if you need to know, but I'd like Amazon.

seriousreader at live dot com