Tuesday, December 21, 2010

No Tree This Year

We finally conceded holiday defeat and didn't put up a Christmas tree this year. We'd gotten the tree size down to a four-footer, but with all the cats and dogs we have now, the tree was a constant victim of their rowdiness.

Where are the presents, you ask? Right now, they're on top of the storage chests of drawers in our dens, in boxes and ginormous gift bags. Which is kind of festive, if cluttered.

We've never been big decorators, not at Halloween or Christmas or any other holiday. We're clutter prone anyway--the last thing we need is more folderol. So it wasn't a huge step to go treeless, I suppose. And even when we had a tree, they were usually varying stages of ugly. (I believe I've told you about the Worst Christmas Tree Ever).

I guess maybe I come by my Grinchiness naturally, huh?

What about you and your family? Do you decorate for the holidays? Do you have a tree this year? What does it look like? Let me live vicariously...


Charlene said...

I've never done any real decorating. When married I put a wreath on the door and we usually had a Holiday Party, so we put up a nice tree. But for putting red and green decorations all over the place, not so much.

I haven't had a tree for about ten years. Before that I had a small one. This year it's a ceramic tree I bought several years ago and it's easy; just take it out of a box and plug in. Later, unplug and put it back in the box!

Kea said...

When I was younger and when married, I LOVED decorating, always had a tree.

After I was on my own again, I struggled with the holiday season and sometimes didn't decorate or if I did put up a tree, I'd take it down before the holidays were over. One year I was so upset about being alone for Christmas that I had to take the tree down on Christmas Eve, I just couldn't look at it.

Now I decorate with a few things, nothing breakable because of the cats. And I do put a tree up and am so glad I do, though it's tied to a ceiling plant hook, just in case. But it brings me quiet Joy, to sit all snuggled up with the kitties and look at it, lit up so prettily.

EllenToo said...

I haven't had a tree since my mother passed away in 1996. I shared in my older brother's Christmas and tree instead.

Linda Henderson said...

I didn't manage to get my tree up this year either. Not because I didn't want to, but I've been sick and haven't felt like messing with it. We don't open presents at my place anyway, so it's okay.

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Paula said...

I've just been informed that my sister sucked it up and put up a tree after all. So, even though it's downstairs in my sister's basement apartment where I rarely go, we are treeless no more!