Sunday, June 04, 2006

Hotlanta Nights and a WIP update

Over on Romance Magicians, Jennifer Echols shares her gameplan for the RWA national conference in Atlanta and invites you to share your plans for the conference. Alas, I'll be home, so I don't have a game plan to share, but if you're planning on making the trip to Georgia, why not drop by the blog and tell us what you expect to be doing while in the Peach City.

WIP update--Made my day's goal. Up to page 26 on the new manuscript. Just 234 pages to go! ;) I'm loving Maddox, sexy Southern devil that he is. Usually I'm as slow as my heroine to warm up to my heroes, but Maddox had me at "You okay, sugar?" Apparently I'm a sucker for a long-legged, broad-shouldered, slow-drawling fella who has no compunctions about using inappropriate terms of endearment with a complete stranger.

Who knew?

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Jen said...

I get to stay home too. *Sigh*
Maddox sounds Yummy! I love that "You Okay, Sugar?" LOL.