Monday, June 26, 2006

Lost Weekend in Salem

I discovered the motherlode of old Steve and Kayla episode clips on a website called Devoted to Deveraux (referencing another Days of Our Lives character). They covered the Steve and Kayla storyline from the beginning through the early stages of the relationship. I'm talking about complete episodes (at least the Steve and Kayla portions), not just snippets. Needless to say, much downloading and watching ensued. I barely came away from my computer long enough to eat and go to the bathroom.

I would probably feel a lot more ashamed of myself if 1) the clips weren't sooooooo good and B) I hadn't written my targeted number of pages of my WIP over the weekend. But they were, and I did, and I even managed to write one page more than today's projected pages during my lunch hour. Which means I can go home this evening and watch more downloaded clips if I want to, with only that faint frisson of guilt that comes from knowing you are a pathetic fangeek.

One of these days, I'm going to write a scholarly treatise for my blog about the archetypal structure of the Steve and Kayla relationship. But that's several clip viewings down the road.

Stay tuned. ;)


Michelle said...

They were the best storyline ever. Bad boy and good girl. Fabulous. The show hasn't been the same since they left. :(

brandy said...

Have been downloading the clips like crazy for a couple of weeks now myself.

Anonymous said...

Hello there, I just wanted to say thanks so much for posting about the Steve and Kayla clips. I've spent the past three days downloading like crazy and glued to my laptop watching the clips. I had most of these scenes on VCR tapes, which for some stupid crazy reason, I tossed a while ago. I always regretted it afterwards. I was a huge S&K fan back in the late 80's and love that they are back. Thanks again! Happy Birthday!


Emily said...

Another person who's discovered the clips from googling and stumbling onto your post.

(Just how many direct flights are there from Salem to Stockholm in a day?)

Paula said...

Michelle--I totally agree. Glad to see them back.

Brandy and Laura--happy to share the obsession. :)

Emily, I don't know how many flights, but as long as there was one to get Kayla to Stockholm to tend Steve's bullet wound, I'm not going to get too nitpicky about it. :)

Sharon said...

Another obsessed Steve and Kayla fan here. I found that site with the clips a month ago and I am still spending every evening watching and rewatching :-)

Anonymous said...

I have tried to find S & K clips on that site, but have had no luck.

Can someome please post where on that site that I can find them?