Friday, June 09, 2006

Second Book Anxiety

As most of you know, since I've mentioned it once or twice, I'm waiting to hear from my editor on book two, Rose's story. She hasn't even had it a month, but I may also have mentioned a time or two that I'm not really good with the patience thing.

Well, last night, the anxiety showed up in my dream, coupled with an incident involving that last roll of toilet paper in the bathroom. At the risk of TMI (too much information for the net-unsavvy), last night around 2 am when I went to the bathroom, I discovered that the last roll of toilet paper, the one I'd just set out earlier that evening, had disappeared. Half asleep and really needing to go to the bathroom, I was not happy to have to go hunting around for TP.

I managed to take care of the situation and return to bed, at which point I fell asleep and dreamed that my editor had rejected my latest effort, a photo of a roll of toilet paper, because it just didn't fit her editorial needs. She showed me a photo of the same roll of toilet paper, taken by a multi-published author, to let me see the difference. "I can do that!" I assured her. "Just let me take another stab at it!"

She took pity on me and said I could have another go. Then, we got to talking about other projects, and I mentioned offhand that I'd written a Regency historical with suspense elements. "I want to see that!" she said. "We've been looking for Regency suspenses!"

Did I mention that this was my Intrigue editor?

I have the weirdest dreams, especially when I'm antsy about something.


MaryF said...

That dream is hilarious! I dreamed about Phantom of the Opera purses and leaving my class at a concert.

Forbidden Territory has been shipped!!

And what happened - no Days of Our Lives???

Jen said...

Relax, Paula. I have faith in you. Waiting sucks, as well you know. Been over to Romancing The Blog? There was a blog by Allison Brennan that talked about being able to get that second one (or more) pubbed. Give a once over.

Paula said...

Days of Our Lives aired here, Mary. I got all giddy and girly when I got a peek at Steve "Patch" Johnson at the end of Friday's episode. Eeeee!


Jen, I have a lot of respect for Allison Brennan and how she's handled her career. I'll definitely check out her blog entry.

Paula said...

Posting one more time to say, Mary, that if you missed Friday's ep and want to check it out, if you have SoapNet on your cable, Friday's episode of Days will re-air this Sunday at 10 pm. Set your VCR!

MaryF said...

Blast - no soap net! Stupid tennis....

Got Forbidden Territory yesterday! YAY!