Monday, June 12, 2006

Pssst—Wanna Party?

Tomorrow, a certain Harlequin Intrigue becomes officially available in stores near you, and to celebrate, tomorrow I'm holding a blog party! Well, sort of. I'll post in the morning and then everybody who wants to join me in the celebration can drop by and leave a comment or two. No need to just post congratulations, either--feel free to ask me questions about the book, from how I came up with the idea and how long it took me to write it to who I originally envisioned for the roles of Lily and McBride. You can ask technical questions like how I sold it, what happened next, and what were the best and worst parts of the experience. Anything you want to know bout writing and selling a romance to Harlequin Intrigue, if I know it, I'll answer it.

And I think I'll hold a contest for the folks who post on my blog during my day-long Blog-a-bration—a free signed copy of FORBIDDEN TERRITORY for the winner chosen at random. (So if you already have the book, please let me know so I don't choose you—unless you really want a second copy or something).

So come one, come all, and tell your friends!


Julie Cohen said...

I'm in a different time zone so it's tomorrow already here...can I have the guy on your cover, please???

Congrats, Paula.

KimW said...

Wake up! I'm here and ready to party. haha! I wish...I'm actually ready to head off to work. I'll stop back when I get home.

I love suspense stories. Your books sounds so good. The excerpt on the eHarlequin site makes you want to read more.

Two questions for you:

What is your favorite scene in Forbidden Territory?

What is a typical day like for you?

Paula said...

Thanks, Julie and Kim. I've pasted your comments over to my party thread, so check there for the answers.