Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Well, That Was Quick

Wal-Mart is already taking FORBIDDEN TERRITORY off the shelves in my neck of the woods. But hey, you can still find it on So if you haven't bought a copy, all is not lost! ;)

Today is my birthday. We won't discuss how old I am. I'm off work until after the 4th of July, which means I'm mostly sitting home gorging myself (metaphorically) on all those old Steve and Kayla clips I downloaded. Oh, and I somehow managed to eke out 6 pages on my WIP today, meeting my day's quota.

But if blogging is sporadic for the next few days, you'll know why.


Gina Black said...


Jen said...

Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday dear Paulaaaaaaa.
Happy Birthday to you.
(and many morrrrre)
You're still on the shelves here, darlin'. Don't worry.

Southern Girl said...

I just now saw this, so I'm a day late, but Happy Birthday, Paula!

I got a pretty great present for your birthday yesterday -- you can see what it was on my blog. ;)

MaryF said...

Oh, man, sorry I'm late!!! Hope it was happy, Paula! Enjoy your vacation!

Anonymous said...

Hey hey Paula
I found one of your "Forbidden Territory"'s at a nearby bookstore up here in Vancouver, Canada today.

Off to bed to read it...a pretty wild Friday night. :)