Sunday, June 11, 2006

Puppy Envy

So, the neighbor across the street got a puppy for their five-year-old daughter. She brought it over for my nieces to see.

Now, let me preface what I'm about to say with two things:

1) My neighbor is about the nicest woman you'd ever want to meet. Friendly, thoughtful and patient with our rugrats when they go over to visit.

2) It's a danged cute puppy. I'm not sure it's 100% Pekingnese, but it's definitely got a lot of Peke in it. It's black and brown, and about the cutest thing I've ever seen, and I've seen some cute critters in my time. I can see how anyone with a soft spot for overwhelming cuteness would want to grab it up and take it home.

But the puppy can't be more than six weeks old. Its eyes still have that cloudy, unfocused puppy look, and all it did while it was here was lie in a little fluffy puddle looking confused. It should still be with its mother, IMO. But even if you think I'm being a little overcautious, it definitely shouldn't be wagged around the neighborhood by a five-year-old without adult supervision.

I'm a little worried about the pup's longevity, although I did what I could by sitting the kids down and explaining why they need to let the puppy grow up for at least another month before wagging him anywhere outside the neighbor's house again.

Furthermore, I can already anticipate the nagging from the nieces about getting our own little bundle of fuzzy joy. And we don't need another dog. Unfortunately, the puppy sort of got to me too, giving me a serious jones for a new kitten. Which I can't get because we also don't need another cat.

But really, can you blame me for wanting one of these?

Didn't think so.


Jen said...

Awwwwww what a cute picture! Those blue eyes get me everytime.

Southern Girl said...

No, I can't blame you one bit for those kitten pangs. I have them constantly, which is why I'm finally giving in and hopefully will have my new bundle of joy by the first of July or so. ;)

MaryF said...

I want a kitten, too. My last kitten is a year and a half now.

Puppies are another matter.

Just saw Patch and Kayla! He looks EXACTLY the same! She looks older. Hope and Bo look terrible.

Jen said...

Guess what I just saw in the grocery store!!!! "Forbidden Territory" by Paula Graves. How totally cool.

Paula said...

I've had to have three of my four old cats put to sleep within the last year, and I'm emotionally needy where kittens are concerned anyway. But we do still have a lot of cats, and my mom is adamant about not having anymore until more of the ones we have pass on.


Mary, I haven't seen Mary Beth yet, but you're right about Stephen Nichols. He's got to be in his fifties, but he doesn't look like he's aged a bit.

Jen, cool about seeing my book! Email me and tell me what city, just so I'll know.