Friday, June 16, 2006

Today's Blog Rec

Marianne Arkins was kind enough to give my book a plug on her blog, so today, I'm going to return the favor by plugging her blog. :)

Reading, Writing and Stuff That Makes Me Crazy (that blog name about covers it!) has more than just a very flattering review of my book. It also includes a funny riff on the results of a random paragraph generator, Marianne interviewing herself (who better to do it?) and her list of "Ten Things I Love But Didn't Have Ten Years Ago."

Check it out!


Kelley said...

I've connected to your blog through Marianne's :) Forbidden Territory sounds great! I love hearing about new authors to read! I enjoyed your blog :)

Paula said...

Hi, Kelley! Thanks for stopping by! I hope you'll make my blog a regular stop.

Marianne Arkins said...

Paula... You're a peach. Thanks!

What's the status on Lily's sisters books? Can you tell, I'm hungry for more!

Paula said...

Lessee, Marianne...

My editor has DANGEROUS PURSUIT, Rose's story. The full manuscript is finished (she didn't buy on the proposal, darn it), and I'm waiting to hear from her on its status.

DEADLY ILLUSION, which is Iris's story, is my current WIP. I have written about 70 pages of a projected 260 pages on it. Love, love, love the hero in this story.

I actually see DEADLY ILLUSION as a launch pad for a series I want to do centering around a global security agency that does the security jobs (within the law) that the government can't or won't do. The agency will be made up of former government agents from a variety of law enforcement, military and intelligence agencies in the US and allied countries (such as Canada, England and Australia).

The one thing that ties all these agents together is a shared experience--they were all present during or involved in the aftermath of the deadly siege of a U.S. embassy in the fictional Central Asian country of Kaziristan. What they experienced there will play out in various way in their present stories, both emotionally and situationally.

Okay, that was probably more of an update than you wanted. ;)

Marianne Arkins said...


Who's your editor? Can I tell her that I'm desperate for Rose's story??? Would that help?

I got your book back from my mom today, and she reiterated to me as I picked it up, "Good book."

Yes. I know.

Paula said...

Marianne, I'm hoping I'll hear from my editor soon on book two. Meanwhile, I'm slogging away at Iris's story.

Tell your mom thanks for me!