Saturday, December 19, 2009

Blue Christmas

I know red, green and gold are the traditional Christmas colors, but I'm a sucker for anything blue. Blue trees, blue ornaments on a silver tree, blue ornaments on a green tree—if it's blue, I'm for it.

My family is not quite as enamored of blue as I am, alas, so it's hard to get much as much blue on the family tree as I would like.

I also love blue on my Christmas cards and Christmas wrapping paper.

Do you like have a particular color scheme you like to play with for Christmas? Metallics? Are you a green fiend? Or maybe it's a particular item that fuels your obsession, like Santas, stars or Nativity scenes.

Confess your Christmas fetish right here in the comments and you could win a $10 Barnes and Noble Gift Card.

And if you haven't commented on the other threads where prizes are being given away, it's not too late. I won't be drawing winners on any of them until late this evening. So get to posting--you could still be a winner!


Jemi Fraser said...

Snowmen!!! I have snow people all over the place: candles, ornaments, stuffed guys, display boxes, candy dishes, table cloths. They're everywhere ... and no, it's really not creepy. Really. :)

Kea said...

Rats. No Christmas fetishes at all. And no blue, either. Blue is not allowed in my house. LOL. But it's my best colour to wear; go figure.

Linda Henderson said...

Snowmen, I love snowmen. I have all different kinds sitting around. Actually I leave a lot of them out all year long. I also have some lighthouses that look Christmasy.