Monday, December 14, 2009

December Intrigue Spotlight

Police Protector by Dani Sinclair

Finding three children locked in a saferoom wasn't how Lucan O'Shay planned to spend the holidays. Taking the children and their feisty aunt into his home…well, if that's what it took to serve and protect, that's what he would do. Never mind that the aunt, Kyra Wolfstead, was making him crazy. But someone was trying to kill her and take the children. Not on Lucan's watch.

It would take all of Lucan's expertise and self-control to give Kyra and the kids a safe Christmas under his own personal house arrest. But what scared this tough Irish cop the most was his growing hope that this sentence was for life….

About Dani Sinclair.

Edited because I had the wrong book cover and title. Oops! This blogging every day thing? STRESSFUL. Especially for an anti-social curmudgeon like me!


Kea said...

I think you've been doing fabulously well with the blogging.

Trust me, no can be more anti-social than me. LOL. The internet is great--it gives you the illusion of a connection with people, yet you maintain your emotional detachment. :-D

Jemi Fraser said...

Sounds like a fun book!

Linda Henderson said...

I always enjoy her books.