Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Two of my favorite Christmas videos

I was going to do a Top 5 Funniest Christmas videos, but I couldn't really find five that I thought were THAT funny. So I'm just going to share a couple I love.

First up, Robert Earl Keene's "Merry Christmas From the Family." I think this one is probably a little funnier if you're from the South and don't exactly fit into the whole Junior League social set (like me)...

And one of my all time favorites--the infamous Straight No Chaser version of The 12 Days of Christmas. Hang in there past the 3rd verse. You won't regret it.

Do you have any fun or funny Christmas music videos? Share them in the comments, and I'll pick a commenter to win Debra Webb's December Intrigue, First Night!

1 comment:

Linda Henderson said...

I think the craziest one would be the Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer. I always thought that one was silly. Although kids seem to like it.